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Petals in Tea

Ozark Tea and Tarot

Reflection, Intuition, and Guidance on

Relationships / Love / Career / Health / Family / Finance

I can help you
Image by insung yoon
3-Card Reading
Glass rosette
Celtic Cross Reading
Image by Jan Haerer

Tea and Tarot are about introspection...

How does tarot work? I've been asked that many times. And your guess is probably as good as mine. I do know it is an introspective, intuitive process. One of my guesses is that using pictures instead of words to search for answers lets us turn off the loudest, everyday parts of our brain and let the deeper, quieter parts tell us stories. To give us new (and old) information. It becomes a much needed conversation with the parts of yourself that needed to hear something. Ultimately, you're the one who makes sense of the message. Share a cup of tea and hear what story your wise self has to tell you today.

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