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The Decks

My there are a lot of you...

I have an awful lot of decks. I have been collecting for twenty-four years, so, I have had some time to get a few... I have even given many away! But here is a small list of the decks I have right now. Each deck has a few notes beneath it about the deck's imagery and feelings.

Aquarian Tarot

Vintage Deck, 1970s, Classic Images, Hippie vibes

Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot

Sailor Jerry style Imagery, Hipster, Playful, Dramatic

Good Tarot

Dreamy, Positive Psychology, Light

Missouri Tarot

Handmade, Nature, Elements/Animals, Personal, Photographs

Rainbow Moon Tarot

Bright & Neon Colors, Modern, Non-Gendered & LGBTQ-Friendly


Raven's Prophecy Tarot

Natural images, Animals, Plants, Projective



Classic, Directive, Symbolic


Shadow of Oz Tarot

Comic Art, Based in Children’s Books, Mystical, Symbolic, Personal, Dark


Silver Rider-Waite

Classic, Directive, Symbolic, Glistening, Dark

Steampunk Tarot

Steampunk/Victorian, Mysterious, Whimsical, Dark, Mechanical


Tarot of the Abyss

Black and Sepia/White, Airy, Lyrical


Tarot of the Master

Reprint of Italian deck from 1983, Medieval

Tarot of the Old Path

Pretty, Medieval, Paganish, Good relationship deck


The Relative Tarot

Based on Vintage Photography, Dreamy, Instructive


Wild Unknown Tarot

Nature-based, Line-drawn, Dreamy, Projective, Artsy


Wizards Tarot

Gifted, Alchemical, Thoughtful, Heavy, Photorealistic

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