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Tarot Readings

Learn more about the kinds of readings offered

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3-Card Reading


A three-card reading is a relatively quick, straight-forward, but helpful way to view your life situation. It is very open-ended. It gives good perspective on most situations and will provide an answer to a simple question. They usually last 10-15 minutes.


A Relationship Reading


These are more challenging. I recommend them for a couple who are preparing for a new phase of life, such as recent engagement, thinking about adopting a child, during pregnancy, empty-nesting, or things of this nature. They can be more intimate than sentimental. More informative than entertaining. These are complex and last longer. Some readings just take as long as they take.

Don't think "first date fun." Think "I know this person and want to explore our situation."

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Celtic Cross Reading


These are a thorough reading of a larger situation in your past, present, and future. These give lots of information about you and your role in the situation/question, as well as keys to solving whatever the situation's challenges might be. These readings are more complex, take longer, and go more in-depth into your thoughts, fears, challenges, gifts, and how these interact with the situations in your life.

A Celtic Cross reading is engaging and almost always leaves you with new insights, intuitions, and a good direction for new actions you can take in your life.

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