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Read local.

I believe that local community matters. That's why I am excited to be preparing to read at local shop Silver Fang Crystals in Sedalia in April. It's going to be a great opportunity to support a friendly, new business. It's wonderful to see this small downtown revitalizing and becoming more vibrant over the past decade.

So if whether you're an old hand at having your cards read, or just really curious, you should stop by and support Crystal Fang-- they have some absolutely beautiful crystals for sale!-- and see what the cards might have to say to you. If nothing else, stop in and say hi!

If it's a lovely day, walk around the downtown, grab a cup of coffee or tea, poke your nose in the local used bookstore, shop for some vintage clothes, and just enjoy the weather. Hopefully Missouri will cooperate.

I might just bring along some tea to share, too.

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